Life Coach, MetaPhysician

More 3 D stuff to ignore, Doom and Destruction, the End Of The World, on the 3 D idea of it. Actually any and all expressions of negativity, is part of the cabal of Darkness, fighting for survival, kind of a last effort to control and influence the minds of mankind with doubt and fear.These ideas do not come from the Love of God, they are 3 D expressions and identifications of the fear of survival. In the 5th Dimension there is no such nonsense. We are becoming consciously aware of the truth and the power of Free Will. This world, as it is, is what we have made it, a result of our negative doubts and fears and the way we have been thinking, accepting divine punishment for our sins, divine retribution from a judgmental God for what we do or don’t do. Free Will means we have permission to learn from the choices we choose to make, how to learn how to do better, make better choices next time.There are no sins and there is no divine punishment, the worst we can do is Silly and Stupid, life is an education of conscious awareness, not a rigid idea of right and wrong. We are transcending 3 D thinking, self limitation and self condemnation into Self Realization, Self Love, Peace full cohabitation and a Positive use of Free Will to create the % D world we really want to be a part of and live in. Enough of Doubts and Fears, they are the other side of the Power Love being used unconsciously, BY US , STOP IT. Enough is enough, of Doubts and Fears. Lets get togther and create a world that we can and be proud of. see you in the Self Love Meditation at 7 pm

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