Life Coach, MetaPhysician

I want to play a little with Love and Like, Love is basically an identification with the elemental energy of oneness, the creative force of existence,it’s a heartfelt expression of tender caring, an inner function. Like and or dis-like is a choice that is made by us, in response to an expression or an action from someone outside of us. We can Love someone and or everyone because we are all part of the same creative force of life. But that doesn’t mean we can’t chose whether we like what they do, or how they may choose to think, act or express themselves, it’s their Movie.These are two different uses of our energy, Love is an unlimited all encompassing expression of ourselves and all thers,relative to our awareness of oneness of being and like is an expression of personal taste. I not only Love myself (at least I’m working on it, especially at 7 pm daily.) I also like the kind of person I’m choosing to be (a work in progress) as my example and when I see things I don’t care for, I say ” I don’t do that, I’m feeling good about what I choose to do” Focused perception on my use of energy not yours. I Love you anyway.

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