Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Life is an Energy Game

I know that we all realize that being alive is an energy game,when I choose to Think, Speak, Feel and Act, I’m using energy. All thoughts are energy, all Ideas, all things in my silly mind and brain, all physical movement, it’s all energy, energy is all there is, no mater which form it takes, it’s E Motion, (energy in motion). Have you ever paid close attention to how you use your energy through out your day? This is not an easy thing to do, we are so busy using our energy it’s difficult to pay close attention to how we use it. We are such creatures of habit that most of what we do is automatic, we really aren’t aware of what we are doing, efficiency is quite often, not having to think about it,at least not consciously. If we had a checker follow us around and keep track of how efficiently we are with our energy use, we might be astonished. If this is an interesting concept to you, and you are curious about it, check it out for an hour or two and see for yourself. I’ll bet you would be amazed at how much power we waste on unnecessary E Motion and unconscious, repetitive action. Being more efficient, is being nicer to your self, a produce of Self Love

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