Life Coach, MetaPhysician

The number of people who truly like themselves, essentially and in an on going manner, is incredibly small, on occasion sure, but generally, not really. We are too busy judging and comparing ourselves to what we think we should be or do. Now when it comes to Self Love, just as we are, it’s astonishingly ridiculous, how few of us really love ourselves. We spend life times feeling that we aren’t being loved the way we want to be loved and to some degree we may have been  blaming our self for the problem. If we were what we should be, then the ‘Love of our life’ would give us what we want, (or arrive?) and fulfill our desires, give us what we want the way we want it. This is some thing that only we can do for ourselves essentially, because we are the only one who knows what we want and how we want it. The solution is simple, we need to give it to ourselves. Self Love is the foundation of True love, We are a creation of Love, the energy we are is an expression of Love, we are Love pretending to be a deprived person, we are looking outside of us for the solution of what is and always has been our inner purpose, to love our self and then share the Love we are giving to ourselves, with who ever we wish to give it to, with out any expectations. True Love is giving (first to ourselves) and then sharing. So why don;t you join us at 7 pm everyday for 15 to 20 minutes or so, in our international practice of a Self Love Meditation, invite your friends to join as well. See You Then.

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