Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Self Love is the Key to everything, Self  Love is empowerment  Self Love is accepting That I AM  That I AM. Self Love is the answer to all judgment and comparisons, when we Love ourselves, just as we are, clarity of vision and the awareness of our inner Divinity, begins to become a conscious reality, which means we are starting to realize that we are what we are exactly wanted we wanted to be just as we are and so is everyone else, as our Spiritual Challenge. When I’m O.K. just as I am, then so is everyone else O.K. just as they are, we are all our own Spiritual challenge of Self realization. All of this is what Self Love can do for us. Self Love also settles and ends all lack of and search for,’ Love Games’ we have been playing since conception. Looking outside for what has always been inside, waiting for us to wake up and be the self loving. Divine being, that we came to Earth, to recognize and consciously be our self, to be what we really are and become the expression of the inner love we really are, in the outer world. All there is, is Love (John Lennon understood it, and wrote a song) Why not join those of us who are doing a Self Love Meditation at 7 p m every night, check out the details in yesterday’s post.The more the merrier, Self Love is on the move.

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