Life Coach, MetaPhysician

It’s time to be more loving and appreciative to our selves. We need to be more “Self Loving’ so I have a plan and I need your assistance to make it viral I want to inspire an international meditation of practicing Self Love.

Lets commit to taking 15 to 20 minutes everyday, at 7 pm, We will close our eyes, hang out in our hearts and say to ourselves, “I love myself because I’m me, I am the most valuable person in my life, I am appreciated with in myself and by myself. I am the truth of myself. I am the voice of my own fulfillment. I am the answer to my questions. I AM That I AM That I AM, I Am, I AM Love  and I have Love to share.
I AM Love, therefore I Can Love My self, So I Will then have more Love to share.

Share this with as many people as you can and ask them to do the same. everyday at 7 pm, It’s time to think with our hearts. As we inspire more and more people to take the initiative to increase their Self Love, at the same time, self love will become it’s true self. Why not it’ feels good, it;s self healing, self rewarding, the key to universal love and it’s contagious. I love myself because I’m me. 7 pm.

Here’s Kryon

Who You Are
From Kryon Live Channel, “The Biggest Filter of All”
July 2015 in Salt Lake City, UT

I want you to take the attributes of mastery. I want you to stop being seen as a strange Human who seems to believe in odd things. Instead, think like a master of the planet, a loving person who people want to be with. Be balanced and compassionate. If somebody comes to you, feel comfortable enough to hold them, hug them, listen to what they have to say, cry with them, and laugh with them in joy. This is what the masters of this planet have done. Masters understand Human nature. You’re an Old Soul, and you’ve been there and you’ve done it. There is no excuse for your not understanding this, because it is your legacy. This is who you are.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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