Life Coach, MetaPhysician

It’s wonderful to see how the increased interest in being attracted to Spiritual Awareness is working. More and more people are showing obvious interest in understanding the difference between Spiritual Awareness and Organized Religion. Spiritual Awareness is base on the fact that Spirit is the name of the essential energy of Creation, Spirit is the Divine Matrix, Spirit is Love, Spirit is all there is, no matter which form it takes be it His, or Hers, or Yours, or anything in a form. Spirit is the energy of existence and God is Energy Aware of it’s self, Conscious Awareness, that we were all a part of ( and still are, just not Consciously Aware of it)  Existence is one and indivisible,  a part can not be where the whole is not. We are therefore the same in kind and quality as the whole,the only difference is one of degree, and that difference gives us our unique individual personality. The First Spiritual Law of this world is ‘Free Will, Choice and even No Choice is a Choice’ The Second Law is ‘Cause and Effect, The Law of Attraction, What we do returns to us automatically, to show us what we are doing. The Third Law, is that the Energy of this world is Emotional, this is a feeling world, the problems in our life are not the problem. the way we choose to feel about our problems, is the problem. The Spiritual Game of Life is to remember our origin and choose to act accordingly. To develop Self Realization of our inner Spirituality, that we are Love learning to accept and Love our selves and then choose to share our truth with this world and its occupants.
This is the Metaphysics of The Game of Life, it’s time to choose to play consciously.

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