Life Coach, MetaPhysician

We are our own Creation

We are exactly what we wanted to be, just as we are, perfectly imperfect.  We can’t be wrong, there is only an individual challenge, to figure out the purpose and value of being what we chose to be, just as we are. What is our uniqueness? What special attribute did we give our self? Self awareness, self realization is the challenge for all of us. Until we recognize our essential value, we can’t see the value of The Game of Life. The purpose of the Game of Life is to choose to see the Spiritual Value of all creation, Existence doesn’t create anything that isn’t valuable our task is to look for it and find it, that’s the Spiritual Challenge for all of us, reclaiming our Self Worth and sharing our Love and Conscious Awareness as we realize that we have it. Until we accept our true reality, we live in doubt and fear, that’s the other side of Love. All we need is to do is Doubt our Doubts and Trust our Hearts and enjoy our ability to understand the value of our existence and then share it.

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