Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Are You Hiding or Seeking?

The Game of Life is so simple that a large percentage of the population of this world isn’t aware that life is an individual game. Most folks think of life as an obligation, to their family, to their Idea of religion, to their society, to their employer, to their business, to something other than them selves. The idea of taking care of them selves first  isn’t part of their understanding, their reason for their existence is to be of service to others, to be, is to be valuable to others. So their self value is judged by the limited way they feel,  that they are in service to what they believe is God’s will. The way they believe it should be done and how they judge themselves, is the way they judge others and expect they expect that everyone, all of us, should see life the way they do. People who don’t agree are a threat to the way they are taught and expected to live, their Game of Life is servitude. Free will is being free to do it the way they were taught that it must be done. This approach is essential tribal and restrictive, until we realize that we judge everything the way we judge ourselves, we live in limited judgment and comparison. The first Spiritual Challenge of our life is to accept and understand our individual value, just as we are. We are unique and so is everyone else. We came here to become what we want to be, not what others say we should do and be, the choice is always ours, free will is the Spiritual gift of life and Love is what we are, in a human body, playing Hide and Seek,

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