Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Who and what AM I is an interesting thing to consider ( and fun for me ) The energy of our world is changing daily, the cells of our body are being changed in order for them to to accommodate this energy change. Our minds are being changed to be able to consider these changes, to be more consciously able to accept and cope with new ideas and possibilities. The old way of seeing and understanding, is being changed by this increased energy flow, to make way for, accepting and adjusting to new creative ways of playing the Game of Life. Everything is in the process of change from what it was to what it is and is in the process of becoming. So it’s difficult to identify with what will we eventually become and how we will see ourselves, because we keep changing. The spiritual advice is to let the changes continue and go with the flow. We really can’t judge the outcome because we really have no idea of the 5th Dimensional outcome, it will remain as an unknown. until its over. We were, we are now (until tomorrow) and we will be, more of what we can be, as we are being transformed into a more, Consciously Aware, Appreciative, Grateful, Capable, Acceptant and Loving, Expression of a Spiritual, Human, in a Healthier, Happier Physical Body, because we can and have decided to create.
Here is a bit of inspiration from the Ascended Masters to consider.

The intensified solar rays that are now entering your atmosphere are coming into your world to quicken your atomic structure. This quickening is already shifting your vibrations so you are more available to remain in a fluid state of receptivity while simultaneously expanding your potential to receive ever-new multidimensional upgrades. Your Presence is always there to make sure that you are receiving these upgrades while maintaining your physical, mental and emotional equilibrium. Be open to these shifts within and around your body. There may be moments when you feel unstable or sense that you are losing your old memory references since you are now “living” in several dimensions simultaneously, yet this soon passes as you learn to master your expanded 5th dimensional awareness and consciously co-create with God.

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