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A lot of us feel that we will do anything to find the love of our life, anything that is except look for it in the right direction. There is another group that feels love is too expensive, it costs them a lot and for some the cost is on going. when actually it’s free for the understanding and accepting. Then there are those who don’t trust that they are love- able or good enough to be loved the way they would like to be loved. Love may be an on going time and energy involvement or a heart and head struggle. What ever any of us choose to do with it, it’s all the result of wrong direction, we are looking for something outside of us, looking for someone out there to fulfill our need to be loved the way we want to be loved and it’s the wrong direction. it’s not out there. it’s in there. Love is an inner reality not an outer possibility. We have been searching for what only we can supply. Self love is the key to the love game, first we need to Love our self, then we will have Love to share with anyone we may want to share it with, with no expectations of anything in return. The Love Game isn’t getting it from someone, it’s sharing what we’ve given to our selves, with others. So simple, so rare, so silly to seek something from someone, that we can only get from our self. No wonder Love is such a problem, we’ve been shopping in the wrong stores. Here is what Kryon has to say about it. All we need is the Love of God

Be Still and Know
From Kryon Live Channel, “It’s in the DNA”
June 2008 in Kelowna, BC,  Canada

God is love yet you can’t really find that fullness outside of you. It is a constant search and humanity has been looking for God since creation. Now I again reveal to you that the system of God is inside you, and that the very essence of your divinity lies in the multi-dimensional DNA that is within your own body. Be still, and know that you are God. Let the search stop and celebrate victory in finding the truth in the most unlikely place…inside.

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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