Life Coach, MetaPhysician

A lot of us have spent a good part of our lives being a garbage collector, our minds are packed full of trivia, including past life stuff, we no longer need to concern ourselves with. We have been given an incredible Mantra that will release no longer wanted or needed garbage, positive or negative. As old thought patterns arise in our mind (our garbage collector) which no longer have any purpose, except to impress us with the fact that we have a mind full of garbage and a good memory. We need to let go of unimportant stuff, so there is room for progressive thought and new awareness. House cleaning (mind cleaning) takes conscious awareness and our determination, it’s astonishing how much garbage we have accumulated. For some of us it was a challenge to be the best garbage collector, it was a positive (to us) accomplishment, that we may have even bragged about to our friends. We have been given a cleansing tool that really works, when used persistently, I DON’T DO THAT ANYMORE, I AM FEELING GOOD. Every time you are aware of any thoughts that are no longer of any value to you, positive or negative, use this Mantra. It is really important to our progress to unload  the garbage in our mind and make room for 5th Dimension awareness. Let GO and Let Come, is the job we all need to take on response-ably for. Don’t take this lightly it’s an important necessity. Here is a bit from the Ascended Masters to encourage you.

The more you are willing to merge with the timelessness of your Presence and to remain open to what you may not know or understand, the more capable you are of merging with the higher dimensional levels of consciousness that are beyond the space and time constraints that eventually became a natural part of your lives in the 3rd dimension. As a 5th dimensional master, your consciousness will be aligned with levels of freedom you have only known in previous Golden Ages or in lives you may have lived in other dimensions or in other star systems.

It is your glorious opportunity at this juncture in your ascension process to completely release all residual attachments you may still have to any identities you may have assumed and believed yourself to be in previous lives and all trauma that may be associated with those lives. When you release all value to these previous identities, you will be free to live as your unlimited, multidimensional Presence. You will then also be free to follow your spirit while remaining in ongoing harmony with your Divine Crystalline Blueprint for these times.

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