Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Why AM I Here?

One of the questions I’m asked by a lot of people is, what is our Spiritual purpose of life? Metaphysically it’s the same for all of us, to find the value of everything in existence, God doesn’t create anything that isn’t valuable. Our job, while pretending to be a person, is to find the value of our friend in the mirror, until we understand the value of being exactly as we are, we can’t find the value of hardly anything. Instead we spend a lot of our energy judging and comparing, fussing with differences, fearing the unknown, doubting our self worth. There isn’t another person in this world like us, we are unique, just as we are and we are our own creation, to suit our individual spiritual challenge of Self Realization. The Game of Life is an incredible opportunity to play in a body and enjoy our efforts of awareness. We came here to play and have a good time in a body and we all purposely forgot, just to see how long we would take to wake up and play consciously. and we sometimes take life times of struggle and confusion, before we realize our essential truth and decide to play. If we don’t find the win, we’ll have to do it over again. Nisargardatta Maharaj, the author of I AM That, Osho Rajneesh, who was a New Age Profit of Conscious Awareness, as well as many other Spiritual Messengers, all have the same story, “Life is a game of Self Awareness to find your Value and the Value of all existence.” It’s all entertainment is a Spiritual reality, are you having fun and feeling good? Free will means the choice is ours. How are you doing?  Remember, “I AM That I AM That I AM.”

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