Life Coach, MetaPhysician

I hope that the voters in America will turn  the Republican Convention into a Republican rejection. How long are we to ignore common sense? White supremacy is a struggle of wealthy stupidity, wars make big businesses money and create enemies. Defense makes sense, offence creates resentment. Making friends makes, sense, trying to destroy a difference of opinion only creates more differences of opinion. Wars are not a new age approach to peace, love is. Hate is the attitude we need toward doubts, fears, greed, idea that is they need to see it and live it the way we think they should? That’s silly and stupid and we kill each other because of a difference of opinion? What happened to “Thou shall not kill/” God created mankind in his/her image, means all of mankind, regardless of what we look like or how we think. There are no two of us alike, we are unique and different in our own way, does that mean we should kill each other for being and perhaps thinking different? Or does that give us an opportunity to learn from each other and share our uniqueness? As long as we refuse to love our self and instead doubt and fear ourselves, how can we not doubt and fear everyone else? Hate is the negative side of love, actually the silly and stupid side and the choice of which side to develop is an individual choice. We are a bunch of kids fighting over toys instead of adults sharing our love with each other. It’s time to change our intention and enjoy being alive. Lets use Free Will to feel good ! Why not? Whose movie is it?

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