Life Coach, MetaPhysician

What to do with this increased energy that is happening to this world and us? Breathe, every time we take a deep breath, we connect our left and right brain hemispheres and have a one brain awareness working for us,a whole brain clarity of thought.Breathe, the more we practice deep breathing, the more oxygen we increase, the better we function, with deep breathing, our brain and body work better, the healthier we become and the more clarity of vision we develop. With clarity of vision and trust and faith, we can handle and find the value of anything and everything that may come our way. To put it simply, we are being transformed, and changed into a more consciously aware and powerful person, but it takes our intention and involved assistance. In order for us to be open to and available for this unknown increasing phenomenon. We need to welcome change, understanding that we can’t figure out or presuppose what’s going to happen, just be interested, with trust and faith and go with the flow. Wow ! What a great time to be alive.

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