Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Some of us are such a victim to Doubts and Fears and hold on to them determinedly. Where do they come from? The answer is so simple that they can’t accept that it is only a ;lack of Love. There are only two basic energies and they are just two sides of the same energy which is Love, Love is the energy that everything in creation is made from, the foundation and truth of existence. We are a form of Love in denial. When we arrive in this world we are a form of Love, looking to be welcomed and Loved the way we wanted to be welcomed and loved and it seldom, if ever happens, which is a part of our Spiritual Challenge. Instead of Love we identify with the negative side of Love which is Doubt and Fear, which supports a feeling of low self worth, shame and blame. We never blame the giants, our parents for anything, as a baby, they must be right and something must be wrong about me or they would have welcomed me differently. Over coming Self Doubt and Fear is everyone’s Spiritual Challenge and Self Love is the answer. Existence. God, doesn’t makes mistakes, we are all a part of Universal Love in the process of Self Awareness. So we need to Doubt our Doubt and face our Fears with Trust and Faith and Love in our Hearts. What we need is us, just as we are, how simple can it get.

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