Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Most of us are masters of comparing, we compare almost everything, constantly judging how things should be, how others should or could be, how our life and appreciation from others would be what we want it to be, if only. If only we were what we feel we need to be, or should be, instead of what we are. We keep judging ourselves and comparing ourselves to others, what they have that we don’t or how they seem to have what we feel we don’t have, we compare ourselves, and judge ourselves and to some degree blame ourselves for not being what we think we should be, to be loved and appreciated by others, the way we want to be loved by them. Wrong movie, it’s time to change our focus, our judgement and our on going comparison, to being, accepting, understanding. of the Divine Being that we all are and don’t believe that we are. We already know how to judge and compare, we have been pretending that something should be different in our lives and it’s true. What’s missing is Self Realization, we are Divine Beings pretending that we are a limited person, instead of identifying with our spiritual truth. We are the Love of God, in a human form, searching for our inner reality in the outer world. So it’s time to spend our judgments and comparisons on how much we are accepting our Divinity as our essential truth and acting like we would if we believed it to be true, which it is. It’s wake up time, time to be who you really are instead of who you have been pretending to be and resenting that you aren’t what you would like to be, you are a God incarnate, you just don’t believe it. Maybe you should print this so you can keep reading it until you get it.

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