Life Coach, MetaPhysician

The basic problem with all of us is the same, SELF DOUBT. We all have our own brand of self doubt, but we have it. When we have our degree of self doubt, we also have a lack of Self Love. The mind set is generally, looking for our love from someone else, feeling unworthy, as is and that until someone loves us and accepts us the way we are, the way we want to be accepted and loved, we can’t love our selves, because we believe that  love comes from others, from outside of us. So if and when we feel that someone outside of us, does love and accept us just as we are, we probably won’t believe them, because in our belief system we don’t feel worthy.This approach seldom, if ever works, because until we decide to love ourselves, and become one with our inner reality, which is universal love, the love we were created from and are a part of, we don’t know what love is. Once we understand this and decide to accept ourselves, just as we are and choose to focus our intention on thinking with the truth of our hearts, we are in self denial, we need to become self conscious and see ourselves and everyone else with loving eyes.Now we are becoming Consciously aware of our Divinity, an expression of Love, in a human body, sharing our loving energy with the outer world, because, we now have love to share.Self Love is the spiritual challenge of mankind. We all came here to do the same thing, To become aware of our inner love and express it lovingly.

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