Life Coach, MetaPhysician

August is a 7 month, time for inner house cleaning with Spiritual intent. In your spare time, consider past experiences and understand the true value of those experiences. What was the gift of awareness that those experiences were offering? In what way was each of them a gift of love? Don’t get serious, just be consciously curious, experience is our Spiritual teacher, did we learn and grow from those experiences? if not, do it now and when you recognize any negative reactions, clean them up with, “I don’t do that any more ! I AM feeling good !” What ever we may have done in the past was the best we could then, we have another opportunity now, especially this month, to do better, to see clearer, to fulfill the positive purpose of experience. We are a different person now, than we were then, the time involved, isn’t important, the awareness and clarity of vision is all that matters. By doing this we are increasing our inner light and fine tuning the conscious awareness of our spiritual purpose, being aware of the value.of our existence and all of our experiences. Its clean up time. There is no wrong, only unawareness of choice.

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