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A Great One has Passed

Lets send Love and Light to Dr,Wayne W Dyer to comfort him on his journey home. He was the author of many books that are a must read, for those of us who are interested in conscious awareness and clear thinking. Dr. Dyer has been and will continue be an inspiration to thousands and more likely millions of people seeking truth and the Spiritual path.We appreciate the work you did, we are grateful for what you were able to share with us, you will never be forgotten and will be remembered as one of the greats of literature inspiration. Have a comfortable journey and hurry back.

Are You Your Friend Or Your Enemy?

The most difficult thing for us to accept and act accordingly, is the idea that we came here with unlimited power to enable us to transform our doubts and fears, into conscious awareness, of the value of ourselves and all of our experiences. Therefore we have been using a lot of our experiences to prove to ourselves that aren’t as good as we should be, we have been approaching new experiences with doubts and fears that we won’t do as good a job as we would like to, so we don’t, energy follows intention. Those of us who have been trusting in ourselves, who trust in our ability to succeed, usually do, except for the times when,we for some reason, had doubts and fears. Existence doesn’t make any of us, who can’t find our true value and the value of the life we have chosen to live, we just need to change our focus from doubts and fears to trust and faith.When we choose to believe in our self our power is available and works for us, when we have doubts and fears our power is in proving we aren’t good enough. Where is your focus? For you or against you?

Be Kind To You, In Case You Care

I want to focus on caring and kindness, we are essentially care-less, every time we indulge in negative thoughts, about anything, anybody and especially about ourselves. we are being unkind and uncaring. It may seem insignificant to us because we do it so often, we are habitually unkind and uncaring, unaware of the energy that we are expressing and the influence that what we do carries. Being critical and judgmental, even picky has a strong emotional influence on everyone, We may think that we are attempting to influence them or even ourselves to do or be better, but it has the opposite effect, it’s not an expression of kindness, or caring. It’s an unconscious and unkind expression, plus it’s degrading, to ourselves for saying it and to those who hear it, when we accept that everyone is doing the best they can do at all times, a compassionate smile is a support. Especially when we smile at our own stupidity, we are practicing kindness and caring and being Loving to our self. A peaceful world is the result of caring and kindness to ourselves and all.

Choices, Choices, Choices

Because there is so much confusion and curiosity about the difference between the 3rd / 4th / and 5th dimensions and how they effect us, I’m adding a rather long explanation By Jim Self. This is the best explanation I’ve been able to find and I know you can benefit from the information, so here it is.
The Way of Life in The Fifth Dimension
a message from Jim Self
In the previous article What ARE the 3rd and 4th Dimensions?we compared the third and fourth dimensions. In this article we bring in the fifth dimension. Let’s briefly review the structures of the third and fourth dimensions.
The third dimension operates with a specific set of rules and has certain characteristics, aspects, boundaries, edges, mutations and structures. We see three main structures sustaining this dimension.
Rigid Structures of the Third Dimension
Duality – A dual mode of perception: right-wrong, positive-negative, good-bad, should-shouldn’t, up-down, black-white.
Linear Time – The perception that time only moves in a straight line (one direction) and is experienced as past, present and future.
Rational Mind – The GPS of the third dimension. The analytical, reasoning thought processor designed to make comparisons, draw conclusions, store information, calculate, and make determinations.
Flexible Structures of the Fourth Dimension
1. Now Time – This is your pint of power. Each now moment is a threshold to new beginnings and fresh choices.
2. Choice – The power to consciously choose to initiate something else in any moment.
3. Paradox – Contradictory truths. Something that was true a moment ago but may not be rue in the next now moment.
4. Alignment/Balance – A state of equilibrium which neutralizes opposing forces. In the Fifth Dimension, 3-D “Reaction’ and 4-D ‘Responsive’ Give Way to Integration
Reintegration – When you attain fifth-dimensional consciousness you experience the reintegration with your Higher Self. This reconnection with the higher parts of you brings higher awareness and allow you to know yourself at the Soul level. You begin to Be who you came here to be. Your innate spiritual abilities increase and reveal themselves. These include clairvoyance, telepathy and abstract intuition.
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Access the Wisdom You Know – Life in the fifth-dimension is stunning because you are fully conscious again. You are aware of and can access the wisdom and information available within your Being that resides in all the dimensions. There is no separation. You are one with the All and All is you.
Experience Higher, Lighter Energy – In 5D, you vibrate in feelings like reverence, beauty and kindness. The coat you choose to wear each day bears no resemblance to what you typically walk around waring in 3D. And much of what you experience is no longer expressed from the mind or in words (intellect/brain) but pours forth from the heart and the feelings (the senses recombine forming a sixth sense). You achieve a quiet knowingness.
Higher Mind – In this level of living, when the mental and emotional bodies merge, the union activates the Higher Mind and you operate from the mind of your Soul. You begin to know what the Soul knows and make Soul-guided choices.
Simultaneous Time – Living in 5D, you move into Simultaneous Time which allows you to see the broader perspective of All That Is. All the Answers to your questions lie exactly where the question is asked and you are able to view all possibilities before taking action.
So, why did we choose to leave this wonderful place where all is known and go to the third dimension, anyway? When Creator wanted to know Himself/Herself better He/She asked for volunteers, and guess who ran to the front of the line say “Pick me, pick me!”? You did! Creator sent the brightest and the best (you) on this special quest to explore the outermost regions of existence. It was, and is, a grand adventure that only the biggest and most enthusiastic spirits signed up for.
Why did we choose the third dimension and not another? Duality does not exist in the higher dimensions and duality is an important part of what we wanted to experience. Our explorations took us may places but as we went deeper into density we eventually found ourselves playing in the slower vibrations of the world of form )matter). Here we could delve into cause and effect and discover the results of our choices and actions.
Here we had free will to explore the most divergent ranges of frequencies (including fear, hate, anger, betrayal, etc). When we signed up for this adventure we did not know that we would become immersed in it or that we would forget who we are, where we came form, why we came, and how to get back Home. We now have an opportunity to remember who we are and return Home.
The Long-awaited “Shift of the Ages” is Upon Us
We have taken the third-dimensional adventure as far as we can. We have been wildly successful at what we set out to accomplish and explore in this diverse, dense, duality. A huge vibrational up-shift (on very level) is what the Earth and her inhabitants are undergoing right now. You are significant, not insignificant. You make a difference and your contribution is valued by all of humanity and by All That Is. Welcome the change to a new way of life, dear friends, for together we have begun the process of bringing Heaven to Earth.
Universal Copyright 2013 is authorized here. Please distribute freely as long as both the author and Mastering Alchemy is included as the resource and this information is distributed on a non-commercial no charge basis.

The Answer To My Prayers

Talk about Silly and Stupid, we spend so much time and energy worrying about things that only we can change, doubts, fears, looking for, perhaps only in our head, the answers to our questions and seeking like minded people, those who can make our life more interesting. There is one person who can do all of that for us and more. This person can solve all of our problems, eliminate all of our doubts and fears, give us comfort any time we may feel we need it, protect us and support us as we venture into the unknown. A person who never judges us, who loves us no matter what we may do or not do. This person is always available at our become d call, never says no and asks nothing from us except trust, faith and unquestioned love.who is this wonderful person and where can we find this person? The answer is, in the mirror any time you care to look. We are our own salvation this is an inner truth that we deny and ignore, talk about Silly and Stupid. Don’t forget to join everybody in the Self Love Meditation at 7 pm. See ‘ya

More Love, More Light

More and more of us are increasing our self love, as we do so, our awareness of our Divine reality becomes more obvious to us, which will inspires us to love ourselves more. Now the more we become aware of our truth, that we are Divine beings pretending to be humans, the more we will love our selves and appreciate this Game of Life we chose to play in our own way. We realize the Game of Life is to become consciously responsible for the way we chose to use our energy, when we think, speak, feel and act. This increases the amount of Feel Good choices we choose to express, which in return brings us more good opportunities and feelings. Our life has taken an obvious turn for the better and we know that this is because we are more response-able and more loving, to ourselves and others. The more we love ourselves the more we have love to share with others and the more we share our loving feelings with others, the more they will love themselves, and so it goes. The more of us that choose to play in the Self Love Meditation at 7 pm, the stronger the 7 pm Self Love Meditation will become. Lets invite our friends and neighbors to get involved, the more the merrier, remember, “All we need is Love.” See ‘ya all at 7 pm.

Let Go of What You Aren’t, Accept What You Really Are

5 D stuff to engulf yourself in, LOVE, this is the key to everything. the more we become the Love that we really are, the more we attract the conscious awareness that is available for us and the more we can receive 5 D information, because we are becoming more in tune with essential truth. It’s so simple that our mind will resist it with unlimited excuses, lots of “Ya buts.” The more we hang out in our hearts, the easier it becomes to evolve. Our heart doesn’t have excuses, it just has Love, Gratitude and Appreciation. We’ve been in servitude to our belief system far too long, it’s time to let go and let come. Join our Self Love Meditation at 7 pm, it’s a good habit to develop, see ‘ya then, Love ‘ya.

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