Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Let Go Let Come

We have no idea of what it takes to change a world and its inhabitants, we can only go with the flow and learn from experience and observation. Our world is in the process of vtbrational change, our bodies are in the process of cellular change, our minds are becoming more conscious and  aware of new possibilities. This procedure continues in what can be seen as, shall we call them steps of transformation. We are entering August and another step, another level of our transformation will be happening to prepare us for yet another level etc. I.m told that this progression will continue until 2030, so we have a lot of interesting changes to come. The main thing that we can do, to help ourselves and our world is to let go of our old ideas of our self and our world and do our best to ‘Feel Good’ and recognize the value of the changes, in our inner and outer world. The more we do that, the easier our changes will be for us and the more light we will be adding, by feeling good, to the process.

Here is a little bit from the Ascended Masters as guidance.

We are your Ascended Masters! We come with a message for all!! Right now on Gaia, a great energy is moving into your various life zones. Each of these energies is building upon the other. The coming month of August is when these energies are to reach a crescendo. These energies are to become the foundation for another set of even higher energies that are to follow. These energies are activating parts of your mind, heart and body. These organs are the center point for a blessed set of changes that are to make you even more aware of the dimensional transformation.

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