Life Coach, MetaPhysician

There are only two basic energies that every thing is created from, Love and Fear. Every thing in creation is a part of Love, if we don’t understanding that we are a part of universal love, therefore an expression of love, we will create the feeling of fear and doubt. When we don’t realize that we are love, then the search for (what we already are) love. becomes focused  on the outside world. We seek for it in others, in the outer world, what is only an inner reality, so our focus is in the wrong direction. When we choose to love our self, we become the love we have always been, and we are not only true love, we now have love to share. Until we accomplish this we live in doubts and fears, whether we are aware of it or not, something is missing, self acceptance and self love. When we choose to accept and love ourselves, just as we are, our true life begins, until then, our lives are limited being based on fear and doubt, whether we know it or not. We either choosing, to be the love we truly are or the seeker of it, in others. So if you are still a seeker and want to be the love you really are, then look in the mirror and focus in your heart and there you are, you loving person you. This may take practice and perseverance, just do it and reap the rewards.

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