Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Let Go, Let Come

We need to make a special effort to make 10% space in our mind, by identifying and getting rid of old and no longer necessary, thought patterns and habits that are essentially emotional garbage. Actually we need to spend some time considering what we no longer need, write it down, make a list of what you wish to get rid of. Be sincere, this may take more time than you thought it would. Actually by working on your list, for a little while over a period of time, you can keep adding more unnecessary garbage, adding it to your list as you think about them. Now you need to read your list, out loud, so you can hear what you are saying and then say “I Don’t Do That Any More ! I AM Making Space For New Important Information !” We need to do this once or twice a day, for 30 days or so, until we convince ourselves that we really mean it. Old habits die hard and slowly. So this is for those of us who are sincerely involved with increasing our self love and improving our conscious awareness. Our sincere intention to be available for coming inspiration, is enhanced by our doing this. It’s time to lighten our load of Emotional/Mental garbage. Check it out, we don’t need to carry around that old stuff any more, it’s time to let go and let come.

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