Life Coach, MetaPhysician

We are such interesting creatures, we hold on to our doubts and fears, we resent what we feel are our limitations. We make what we feel life is and isn’t a truth to live by, when in reality, we are a product of love, with the power and ability to create anything that we can imagine. As a \human we we create doubts, fears and limitations as a challenge to over come, when ever we decide to do so and then we choose to believe that we have no choice and can’t do it. We feel that what we are is problematic and we need to get help from someone else, to fix something that isn’t broken, to help us change what’s wrong about us, when there isn’t anything wrong. Existence, God, doesn’t make mistakes, we are perfectly imperfect, there is nothing wrong with any of us and we can’t be wrong or do wrong, free will is free will, the worst we can do is Silly and Stupid. We live down to what we believe we are, if you choose to change your beliefs and do, you will change your life. Changing what you believe can be a difficult task or can be quite easy, once you understand how, when and why you created it, and then reprogram it, it becomes simple and easy to accomplish. Our class that starts Monday, July 27 will show the way, teach you the Tools you can use to change your life to what you want it to be and didn’t believe that you could. In class we teach you how to talk to your cellular memories and help you to understand how you can change yourself and become more of who you really are.

Give us a call. 26651231 / 9822009313

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