Life Coach, MetaPhysician

We are all doing the best that we can at all times, if we could do better we would  have.We all came here with the ability to accomplish our Spiritual Challenges any time we believe that we can. We all created doubts, fears and limitations as our challenge of self acceptance, we love our challenges and chose the ones we have, to see how long we will take to over come them and find their value. We all have unlimited power and ability to transform our doubts and fears into trust and faith any time we decide to do so. We are only limited by our self created belief system, this is our challenge, to transform our accepted limitations into productive potential, with conscious awareness and positive choice. The problem with doing that is that most of what we would like to change is in our subconscious mind and we need to become conscious of them and find out when these limiting beliefs were created and established, before we can remove them. All changes are made with present time understanding and focused intention. The work that we do in sessions and classes does exactly that, with biofeedback from the body, the ages of cause, when we created our doubts, fears and limitations, are identified and the subconscious belief system created at that time, is re-programmed to be a support and protective system, instead of a denial of ability. By taking advantage of biofeedback from the body,Getting better is then accomplished, simply easily and instead of taking a lot of effort and time, we can  change unknown problems into productive ability and what ever we may now be  doing in our life, our ability to do it will be effectively improved. If you are in Pune, why not  give yourself a gift of self love and take this class. I guarantee that you will make several major changes in your life, that you may have working on and not completed to your satisfaction.

For registration and  information.  0209822009313 or 26651231

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