Life Coach, MetaPhysician

All stress, all doubts, fears and limitations are a product of the subconscious programming of our mind, our belief system. We developed our subconscious belief system. to protect us from Pain, Fear and Fear of more Pain to come, before we were 7 years old, it’s a survival system. Under stress, in present time, we automatically activate our belief system, our survival mechanism, and repeat what we felt was necessary when we were a child, in present time. In our Metaphysical Life Coaching approach, we use Biofeedback, using the science of Kinesiology, to talk to the cellular memories of your body, that contain the truth of every experience we have had, in this and every life we have lived, it’s all there and access-able through precision muscle testing. So this is what we do with our version of Metaphysical Life Coaching, we Focus on, Clarify and Defuse any Limitation that nay Interfere with your Ability to Accomplish your Essential Purpose in this Life. During this class you will learn how to use Biofeedback and will give and receive four sessions with a class mate, age recessing to the four basic times of your life when you felt threatened and developed survival reactions, that are still your limiting factors, under stress and de-stressing them, then reprogramming them. Once you learn how to use biofeedback efficiently, you can work with other people and help to facilitate their ability to make major changes in their lives.
For information and class registration   26651231/9822009313

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