Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Give your self a power check, we came here with 100% to play The Game of Life, we still have that unlimited power, the question we need to ask ourselves is, how am I using my power? for me or against me? We begin our life with subconscious doubts and fears which creates our limitations of trust and faith, of the ability to find the value of our self, our life and the unknown. There is a method in this madness, this struggle. When we do find the value of our self and our experiences, we create the light of awareness, we feel good, we lighten up and our life becomes becomes an enjoyable adventure. We realize that The Game of Life , is really a game of Conscious Awareness and the more Consciously Aware we become, the more fun The Game of Life becomes. Unless you have become Enlightened, which to me means you’ve re-membered who and what you were to begin with, and have become a conscious member again with full awareness of what you were a part of ,before you chose to be a human, you still have hidden resistances, blocks, self denials in your subconscious memories. The simple and effective approach to identifying and releasing any limitations that may be interfering with your essential purpose in your life, with biofeedback from your body, these hidden blockages can be found and reprogrammed easily, with the Science of Kinesiology. We are conducting a 12 day Metaphysical Life Coaching class, Monday July 27 to Aug 7th, in case you are in Pune, India and would like to join. Call me on our land line   26651231 if you are interested.

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