Life Coach, MetaPhysician

There is nothing wrong with any of us, Existence,God, Conscious Awareness,The Divine Matrix, the basic energy of creation, the stuff we are made of is Love, We are an expression of love in a human body, either in acceptance or denial. We start out purposely in self created denial, as a Spiritual Challenge, to choose when we will choose to and see their value accept ourselves, just as we are, and then the fun begins. The first Spiritual law is Free Will, Choice, and even No Choice is a choice. We chose to be born so we could learn from our choices, there are no good or bad choices, no right or wrong choices, only opportunities for awareness. Awareness of what? the value of everything in creation and it has to start by understanding and accepting the value of our self. Existence does not create anything that doesn’t have an essential value, we are all perfectly imperfect and our degree of difference gives us our unique personality,there is only one person in this world like us, we are an expression of love in a human body, in the process of self awareness. The key to Conscious Awareness on earth is Self Acceptance and Self Love of our self, just as we are, with out judgment. Once we choose to accept and love our selves, just as we are, then we will understand how The Game of Life works, and we will begin to understand and accept every thing and everyone, just as they are. When we do that and become the love we truly are, we will have love to share with anyone we care to share our love with and with the world. This is the Spiritual challenge for all of us and Free Will means that it is up to each of us to do it in our own time, in our own way. Why wait, the sooner the better for all. Be a Nike, just do it, it feels good.

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