Life Coach, MetaPhysician

All you Need is Love

The most difficult task for us all to achieve is Self Love. We keep looking for love from someone outside of us so they will give us the love, we want, the way we want it and then we judge our self worth by what we get from them, and we  think that what we think that what others are feeling about us. proves or disproves our self worth. We are looking for someone that will love us the way we want to be loved and will give us what we want, the way we want it. This then will be the proof to us that we are worthy of being loved and it will fulfill our needs. The interesting thing is that if someone is capable of loving us the way we want, we won’t believe them. This search for self worth begins with our parents, the amount of love we get from them is not the problem, what we wanted from them and din’t receive, is the we real love-able problem. We are all a loving creation, a creation of love, we are the energy of Love that is choosing to be a loving human The Spiritual Challenge for all of us, is to first forget that we are a part of love, actually love pretending to be a human and then see how long we will take to re-member that we are love in denial. We seek outside of us for what is only inside, John Lennon wrote “All we need is Love” and actually the truth is all we need to do to is love our self, unaware of its self as love unidentified, we become a beggar to others that are outside of us for what is only inside of us. Until we love ourselves, just as we are, we don’t know what love really is. When we choose to love ourselves, we become caring and appreciative and we have love to share. Our doubts and fears are related to the doubt and fear that we aren’t love- able, when and if we decide to Love and care for ourselves, our true life begins and we feel good about ourselves and everyone else. When I’m O.K. so is everyone else, we are our loving hearts, not our judgmental minds, how silly and stupid. All you need is love, from you about you and it feels great.

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