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A Little Bit More

As we increase our Conscious Awareness a little bit, in a regular and consistent manner, we are increasing our inner light as well. This adds our increased light to  the transformation of our world and then we are doing what we came here to do, be an active part of a better world. So we really have 2 things to do, First finding our spiritual value and increasing our inner love and light in the process, a little bit at a time and then choosing to increase the amount of energy we energy we spend visualizing this world the way we want it to be. Every time do that and we spend a few, or more minutes a day, visualizing our world as a war free, peaceful, consciously aware, emotionally intelligent, compassionate, with a friendly, non-judgmental, understanding and acceptance of differences of opinion, we are then doing the 2nd thing we came here to do, yo help create a 5th dimensional intentionally benevolent world. This is up to us to do and every little bit helps, So lets work on our earthly purpose as well, a little bit more of our 2 purposes which is Self Love, and a Positive World.  Every day in every way, knowing that every little bit has tremendous value. I Can Do That!

A little bit more from Raquel Spenser

We are in a time of extraordinary change. It has been described in many ways for years… The Shift of the Ages, The Galactic Alignment, The Golden Age, The New 5th Dimension… I could go on. As the agents of change, the Light workers who have come in at this amazing time in human history, we knew it was both an individual and collective journey of enlightenment. First we must change ourselves, then we can effectively assist humanity as a whole. Our enlightenment, our moving from an understanding of self love, to an experiential of self love is key to the entire process.
Self love is not selfish, self absorbed or self righteous, it is about becoming the best version of yourself. Living from the heart means being able to live in a place of compassion, unconditional love, joy and peace more of the time than not.

Utilizing techniques that help you maintain this level of connection is essential and well worth your efforts. There are many out there. One of the simplest is to place your hand on your heart to bring your focus there. Another is to move the awareness of your conscious mind from your head to your heart SEVERAL times a day. Asking yourself what would ____ (fill in the blank) do? Pulling from spiritual leaders and public figures you admire.
Essentially it comes down to actually experiencing being in the heart, not just thinking about it.

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