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Every little bit helps. It’s time to appreciate how much progress you have made, in the Conscious Awareness department. It’s time to be grateful to your self for being  response-able for taking charge of the way you are using your energy when you think, speak, feel and act, when you do it with a more constructive and feel good approach. It doesn’t matter how much you have improved, the fact that you have made steps in the, I’m waking up game, is more valuable than you may realize. Every focused intention we may have on ‘Seeing the Light’; on being response-able, on being more Spiritually aware, on using our energy with feel good intent, is constructive and adds light to the transformation of our world. Every little bit helps, don’t spend any energy on judging the amount of time and energy you are adding, just be proud that you are being a conscious addition to the process, as much as you are and then do a little bit more. I’ve added part of a message that may inspire you, to choose to lighten up and feel good, a little more often.

Being OK With Being In The Void

Message through Sue Moll ~ July 9, 2015

Beloved ones,

There is an enormous shift going on within and in through and around you and your planetary star. Much has been accomplished these past weeks and we congratulate you all on your continued efforts towards and for the Light. You are no doubt noticing big shifts in your awareness and perception of things that surround you. This can at times be a little disturbing as nothing appears to be as it was in the past.

There have been many upgrades to your systems and these new upgraded systems need time to re-calibrate your energy until they are balanced and harmonized once again. It takes as long as it takes and we ask you to be patient with yourselves and others as you are all going through massive changes, most of them unbeknownst to your conscious awareness.

Never the less these upgrades are taking place and more and more people upon your planet are beginning to wake up. There has been an enormous amount of clearing going on in so many levels it is hard for you to understand where all these random feelings and thoughts are coming from. They are being released from the collective human mind and consciousness. As they release the Light Workers available are still sifting and sorting and dissolving these collective patterns. It may appear at times extremely heavy and you may ask yourself: why I am feeling this way? I felt so good last week, what happened?

We tell you just to be with the process and not to judge yourself for how you are feeling. It is all a part of the upgrades you are receiving and not to be judged as wrong or bad, just an intricate part of the ascension process. You may at times feel extremely tired and sometimes irritable – this is okay. It is simply a signal for you to take the time to go into retreat mode and just be with what is arising. Loving it and embracing all the polarity that exists in through and around you at this time. It seems stirred up and intensified because it is surfacing to be released once and for all. There will be an end to this seemingly endless clearing process and the time is nigh. Soon it will not be necessary for you to assist others in their process, but at times it is as a part of your mission agreed upon long ago. You are collectively just speeding up the whole process for the collective and moving things along a lot faster than they would if you were not involved. Every little bit helps, just do it more often.

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