Life Coach, MetaPhysician

The Game of Life is an energy game. Energy follows intention, with out intention, energy doesn’t move, so being conscious of what we are doing, is of great importance. By choosing to realize that when we Think, Speak, Feel and Act we are creating our life and our world, in what ever way we are using our energy. That means we can be the conscious master of our life or we are the unconscious victim of our own movie. Life is what we are making it and for a lot of us, what we are doing with our energy, a lot of the time, is silly and stupid. We aren’t consciously aware, we are habitually reactive and keep repeating the same silly shit over and over again and then we wonder why our life and circumstances don’t change. We are functioning from our mind’s pre-accepted beliefs and living down to a limited idea of our self worth and then proving that it;s true by thinking the same way. Change the way you think and you will change your life. When we choose to think from our Heart, which is the home of unlimited power and Abundance of Possibilities, we can manifest anything we can visualize and feel is ours. The door to our heart is Self Love, the Heart provides the unlimited energy of Life, when we Trust and Appreciate it consciously and think with our hearts instead of our mind’s belief system, we open the door to creating the abundance of the life we really want, instead of the limited life we have believed we deserved and we felt we had little or no choice, so we have kept creating it. Free Will means it’s up to us, even No Choice is a Choice. It’s your Movie. Love your self, change you life. Or keep being stupid.

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