Life Coach, MetaPhysician

As the energy keeps rising and our body’s cells are being changed into a crystalline form, some of us are experiencing a lot of confusion. This is an understandable and natural occurrence, because as the old beliefs are being replaced with conscious awareness of our spiritual truth, it takes a certain amount of time for our minds to accept and adjust to different ways of thinking, The minds belief system was created to protect us from pain, fear and fear more pain to come and that may mean fear of the unknown. fear of change. As we let go of the old way of thinking, the period of adjustment to a different way of thinking can be scary, now what? This can take time for our mind to be comfortable with our changes. Especially changes in our bodies, what’s going on? is a natural reaction to physical change and confusion a natural concern. This is a great time for increased meditation, to assist our adjustment to these changing times. physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Go to your heart, tell yourself and feel, ” Let the Changes Continue”, with Trust, Faith, Gratitude and Self Love. Here is a bit of a message about the Crystalline influence.

Please do not be fearful if you feel your mind becoming blank or information within your mind being unavailable to you, this is because space and expansion is being created within your mind so you may recognize the perfection of the Creator with precision. Simply call upon us.

‘Crystalline Beings of love, peace and harmony, I call upon your healing, magnifying and awakening vibrations to download and flow into my mind and mental body. Please assist me in perceiving with greater ease the perfection of the Creator so I may easily acknowledge, express and experience the perfection of the Creator within my being and within my reality. Please also bring healing, awakening and rejuvenation to my entire being. Let it be so.’

Please sit or lie down imagining shimmering multi-coloured crystalline vibrations flowing into your mind, mental body and entire being.

Know that you are preparing yourself to live a reality of love, to do so is such a precious experience which has only be experienced by certain individuals upon the Earth. You are preparing yourself to support all of humanity in living a reality of love. Every step you take in your spiritual evolution enhances the foundation
being formed for humanity to ascend as well. The magnificent and potential of your being is endless; you are divine in matter and spirit. We are present to amplify your divinity, to soothe and smooth your journey of accessing your divinity.

Call upon us, let us be present within your reality as our physical and energetic forms, you will notice the impact our expression creates within your reality.

We are one…
The Crystalline Beings

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