Life Coach, MetaPhysician

This is a tricky one, I’m going to talk about our worst enemy, to our worst enemy, the one between our ears, our mind’s belief system. We developed our belief system subconsciously to protect us from Pain, Fear and Fear of more Pain to come, as a survival mechanism, and we did that before we were able to reason. We aren’t able to reason until we are  around 7 years old, and by then our protective belief system is essentially developed, What we think we are, what we think this world will be is then accepted as our truth and will automatically become our way of reacting to present time stress, under stress we are directed  by our belief system, whose job is to protect  us from subconscious fear. Our planet is a feeling world, the basic energy of this world, is Emotional, the problems in our life are never the problems, the way we feel about our problems is the real problem. Developing E.Q. Emotional Intelligence, enables us to be emotional reason-able, instead of reacting from a childhood belief system of limited awareness. We need to choose to function from our hearts truth. Our hearts know the truth, then our minds take over and we function from our minds point of view, we see things from the way we think, the way we believe, the minds evaluation of  what our hearts are feeling. Our spiritual challenge is to see through the truth of our hearts and find the value of experience. God, Existence, Conscious Awareness, does not create anything that isn’t valuable, our hearts know it, our minds question it. Just like our minds will analyse what you have just read, in its own way. So lets be Heart full and re-program our fear full minds to think Consciously. Here is a bit of a heart message by Racuel Spencer

We are in a time of extraordinary change. It has been described in many ways for years… The Shift of the Ages, The Galactic Alignment, The Golden Age, The New 5th Dimension… I could go on. As the agents of change, the Light workers who have come in at this amazing time in human history, we knew it was both an individual and collective journey of enlightenment. First we must change ourselves, then we can effectively assist humanity as a whole. Our enlightenment, our moving from an understanding of self love, to an experiential of self love is key to the entire process. light-of-the-world Self love is not selfish, self absorbed or self righteous, it is about becoming the best version of yourself. Living from the heart means being able to live in a place of compassion, unconditional love, joy and peace more of the time than not.

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