Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Now that you have a more Metaphysical understanding of how the Game of Life works and how you are playing it, what are your intentions?  Are you going to be more responsible for how you decide to use your energy? Are you going to consider how you can change your life? or are you going to see it all as interesting, but not for me. The bottom is Free Will, do what feels good to you, after all it’s your movie, with Free Will as the foundation of everything, we can have any kind of a movie we may want, when we are willing to do the work, on our mind, that it will take us to change our focus.Change your focus, do the work and change your life. It sounds so easy and it is, or can be, it’s up to us. If you feel you need help then come see us ( if you are in India) or find someone like us that can help you to find that you have Choices that you didn’t know that you had and can help you re-program your old limiting  habits into positive, creative, manifestation,  of a new and improved life.
Here is some inspiration from Kryon

Kryon Live Channel, “The Old Soul Defined”
March 2015 in Bali, Indonesia

Relax and be. Know that you are here on purpose. Relax and let synchronicity push you into the next area that will be benevolent and beautiful for you, if you will allow it. You’ve been through so many lives where you’ve suffered that it’s easy for you to think you’re here to suffer again. You’re not!

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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