Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Metaphysical Life Coaching Continued by us reminding us about us.

Now that we know how it works, it’s totally up to us to work it. For those of us who are bored with limited awareness and want to re-member and re-unite with the Conscious Awareness that we were a part of, before we decided to play the Human Game again. We will commit to the use of ‘I Don’t Do That Any More, I AM Feeling Good.’ continually, every time we slip into any old, created in this world’s habits, we will also add another commitment, ‘I AM, I Can,and I Will. Now that we remember that we are Light Workers, we will choose to produce as much light as can, because it not only feels good, but we are now choosing to do what we came here to do, be an active contributor to the transformation of our world, into a  5th Dimension reality, by transforming ourselves into a Consciously Aware Human. Re-membering what we really are, a Divine being, that has been pretending to be a limited human.
This can be as simple as we will choose to make it, the choice is and always has been ours. Every day, in every way a little bit  more aware, every day in every way a little bit more response-able, every day in every way, I AM more of who I really AM and less and less of who I was pretending to be, a limited, doubtful, fearful struggling and suffering person. Now, I AM That I AM That I AM, I AM, I Can and I Will live with: Trust and Faith in my ability and Love in my heart.

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