Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Self Acceptance

Metaphysical Life Coaching Continued

Our agreement with ourselves, when we decided to play the human game, is to find the value of all that we can perceive, as our spiritual challenge and we accepted the, ‘Find the Value Challenge’ by first doubting our self worth. Self worth, self value self trust, self acceptance, self love as is, is the basic first step that most all of us need to accomplish. In order for us to see the value of others and this world, we need to understand the value of our essential self, our human creation, what we are, just the way we are. We  are our own conscious awareness challenge. Our uniqueness of being, gives us a uniqueness of vision, we see and perceive our self, the world and everything in it in a way that no one else does and then we are taught that we should perceive our life and everything the same way that everyone else does. We are taught that every thing is the same for everyone and that anything else is wrong. So that means that we are wrong, if we think differently than what we are told we should do. This approach has a limiting effect on creativity, which we are encouraged to develop later in life. Until we  realize the value of being unique, we think that being different is wrong and we may spend a lot of energy trying to be, what we think we should be, to please others and be more acceptable and more lovable to them, than we seem to be, the way we are. Self acceptance, just as we are, and self love is the spiritual beginning of the life we came to play with and enjoy. I AM that I Am and I can Accept my essential value and I will, be who I really AM, now that I know that my true reason for this life, is to be what I really AM, a conscious and loving Light Worker, having a wonder-full time playing ‘The Game of LIfe,’ in my own way.

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