Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Metaphysical Life Coaching Continued

The Conscious Awareness challenge, is to recognize and transform our childhood reactions, our childhood belief system into Spiritual truth. The truth being that there is nothing wrong with any of us, we are what we wanted to be, just as we are. We are our own spiritual challenge, our purpose is to understand and find the value of this person that we have created. this is everyone’s challenge. We love a spiritual challenge, we never create a challenge that we didn’t want and that we can’t find the essential value of. The more difficult our life challenge is, the stronger we are, to be able to deal with what ever the situation may be. An extreme example is those of us who choose to live in a handicapped body this time, how about that as a spiritual challenge, not only for them, but for their families as well. Free will is before conception as well as from conception to when we decide the Game is over for this life and leave our bodies here and go home.So we all came here to find the value of creation and it starts with finding the value, of this person that we are and have created and to discover what we will learn from our choice of life and how we will figure out, how to have a good time, with our challenge, where there is a will, there is a way. An intelligent beginning is to stop giving our energy to old doubts and fears, so that we keep bringing them back again tomorrow, when you realize you are feeling and expressing them, say 
‘I Don’t Do That Any More! I AM Feeling Good! and it really does feel good, use it.

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