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Metaphysical Life Coaching Continued

Now that we know, what we chose to play with, it’s time to be more response-able for the way we will now choose to use our energy. Energy follows intention, when we change our intention, we change our life. The only enemy we have is between our ears, our self created belief system, that we created, before we were 7 years old, to establish our Spiritual Challenge of Doubts,Fears, Limitations  and negative reactions. Their value has been for us, to choose to identify them and transform them into Trust, Faith and the  Ability to play The Game of Life with Spiritual Awareness and to create Good Feelings about our self and how we now have chosen to be the conscious Light Workers, we came here to be. Finding value in ourselves and our world, makes us ‘Valuable.’ We need to stop reacting to our old childhood belief system, that supports our thoughts of doubts, fears, limitations and negative reactions, by saying, I Don’t Do That Any More! I AM Feeling Good!, over and over again, every time we realize we are doing it, until we convince our belief system that we mean it, we are reprogramming it This takes conscious repetition and determined perseverance. We are creatures of habit, so we need to replace our old limiting habits with Feel Good habits. It’s entirely up to us, just do it and enjoy a better, more positive life that you are now creating. Home work is the necessity of change, those that do their homework,will make obvious changes, those that don’t, won’t. It’s your movie,

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  1. That’s one of the most beautiful reads Ive ever come across! Incredible perspective!! Thank you for sharing!

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