Life Coach, MetaPhysician

In the Beginning: First things First

Establishing Our Self Awareness begins with the Acceptance of our inner truth.

Our first earthly job is to accept that what we are, just as we are, is  being the best possible person we could be, to play This Game of Life, in the way we planed to play it this time, To acknowledge that we are a divine being, pretending to be this particular person and we accept the challenge. When ever I feel Doubts, Fears or Limitations for any reason, I will re-member and repeat, “I AM that I AM that I AM and, I AM, I Can and I Will  find the value of all that I perceive.”  I AM Love, learning to accept and Love myself, just as I AM, so I will have Love and Light to share with others and this world. I welcome my Spiritual Challenges as my opportunities to grow in strength and wisdom and I meet them with Trust and Faith in their essential value. When I forget my essential purpose and choose to express Doubts and Fears, I will stop giving those thoughts energy by repeating, “I Don’t Do That Any More,I AM Feeling Good.”  Re-read this again and again,until you Accept it and believe it. This is your inner Spiritual truth.

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