Life Coach, MetaPhysician

The Metaphysical Game of Life Toys: There are toys for us to play with, the first one is Free Will, Choice, even No Choice is a Choice. The second toy is The Law of Attraction, Cause and Effect, Every choice that we make, will return to us to show us what we have done, so we can choose to do better or different, when it’s our choice again to choose, a time to make new or different choices. The third toy is Emotions, this is a feeling world we need to learn how to develop Emotional Intelligence. The Game of Life is an energy game, every time we choose to Think, Speak, Feel and Act we are using our energy creatively. We need to choose to be response-able when we choose to Think, Speak, Feel and Act instead of reactive. When we are response-able. we consider the value, the result of what we are going to do and what that will attract, before we do it, Will it attract what we really want, or more of what we don’t want and then choose to do what ever we feel will produce more of what we do want, something that will make us feel good and produce good results. we don’t realize how powerful we are and how we are creating the kind of life we have, because we believe that we are a victim to life, when in truth, life is a creation of actions and our level of conscious awareness .When we change our level of awareness and choose to be more response-able, our life changes accordingly. The first step is to Accept that there is nothing wrong with any of us, we are our own creation, we have 100% power to create the life we want, when we trust  that we can and take the responsibility for using our energy in the way to do it.
So take a sheet of paper and write down everything you really want and want to be, then on another sheet, all of the reasons why you feel that your life and you are not what you would prefer them to be and aren’t what you really want them to be, if it was possible. Make the list as long as it takes to cover all of your doubts, fears and limitations and desires. This is day one.

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