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Let Go Let Come

We have no idea of what it takes to change a world and its inhabitants, we can only go with the flow and learn from experience and observation. Our world is in the process of vtbrational change, our bodies are in the process of cellular change, our minds are becoming more conscious and  aware of new possibilities. This procedure continues in what can be seen as, shall we call them steps of transformation. We are entering August and another step, another level of our transformation will be happening to prepare us for yet another level etc. I.m told that this progression will continue until 2030, so we have a lot of interesting changes to come. The main thing that we can do, to help ourselves and our world is to let go of our old ideas of our self and our world and do our best to ‘Feel Good’ and recognize the value of the changes, in our inner and outer world. The more we do that, the easier our changes will be for us and the more light we will be adding, by feeling good, to the process.

Here is a little bit from the Ascended Masters as guidance.

We are your Ascended Masters! We come with a message for all!! Right now on Gaia, a great energy is moving into your various life zones. Each of these energies is building upon the other. The coming month of August is when these energies are to reach a crescendo. These energies are to become the foundation for another set of even higher energies that are to follow. These energies are activating parts of your mind, heart and body. These organs are the center point for a blessed set of changes that are to make you even more aware of the dimensional transformation.

Your True SElf Awaits Patiently

There are only two basic energies that every thing is created from, Love and Fear. Every thing in creation is a part of Love, if we don’t understanding that we are a part of universal love, therefore an expression of love, we will create the feeling of fear and doubt. When we don’t realize that we are love, then the search for (what we already are) love. becomes focused  on the outside world. We seek for it in others, in the outer world, what is only an inner reality, so our focus is in the wrong direction. When we choose to love our self, we become the love we have always been, and we are not only true love, we now have love to share. Until we accomplish this we live in doubts and fears, whether we are aware of it or not, something is missing, self acceptance and self love. When we choose to accept and love ourselves, just as we are, our true life begins, until then, our lives are limited being based on fear and doubt, whether we know it or not. We either choosing, to be the love we truly are or the seeker of it, in others. So if you are still a seeker and want to be the love you really are, then look in the mirror and focus in your heart and there you are, you loving person you. This may take practice and perseverance, just do it and reap the rewards.

Let Go, Let Come

We need to make a special effort to make 10% space in our mind, by identifying and getting rid of old and no longer necessary, thought patterns and habits that are essentially emotional garbage. Actually we need to spend some time considering what we no longer need, write it down, make a list of what you wish to get rid of. Be sincere, this may take more time than you thought it would. Actually by working on your list, for a little while over a period of time, you can keep adding more unnecessary garbage, adding it to your list as you think about them. Now you need to read your list, out loud, so you can hear what you are saying and then say “I Don’t Do That Any More ! I AM Making Space For New Important Information !” We need to do this once or twice a day, for 30 days or so, until we convince ourselves that we really mean it. Old habits die hard and slowly. So this is for those of us who are sincerely involved with increasing our self love and improving our conscious awareness. Our sincere intention to be available for coming inspiration, is enhanced by our doing this. It’s time to lighten our load of Emotional/Mental garbage. Check it out, we don’t need to carry around that old stuff any more, it’s time to let go and let come.

Emotional Intelligence

As we progress on our way to the 5th Dimension and our bodies change relative to the changing energy, we are given mind changing inspirations, new awareness of things we weren’t aware of before. Our ideas of ourselves and what we can do are expanding daily, we are a lot more complex than we had realized. We have powers that may have wanted but didn’t realize we already had them. We have creative abilities way beyond what we thought we had. We have only been limited by what we have believed we could or couldn’t do. A lot of us are starting to realize the immense power of emotions, feelings. People like Dr. Bruce Lipton, read his books, are doing their best to educate us, to realize, that our health and our life, is relative to our emotional expression and its intensification, we effect our bodies and our life with how we feel and express our emotions, feel bad, unhealthy body, difficult life,, feel good, healthy body. and a more satisfying life. Emotional Intelligence is a key to Conscious Awareness.We attract unto ourselves, the equivalent of what we express, the Law of Cause and effect. I’m adding a channeling that explains the power of Emotions from a Spiritual Awareness, that I believe everyone needs to understand.

Message from P’taah ~ You Create Your Reality

Posted July 23, 2015 on Healing Energy Tools

You create your reality moment by moment by moment by moment. Most of the time you go about your day to days and indeed you do not really know how you create the reality, how you create the seemingly random events that occur in your life. However you do create them. You create them by the very fabric of your being.

What are you really? You are a grand body of electromagnetic energy. Now, that electromagnetic energy is given forth not only from your cellular structure but also from your emotional body. Your e-motion is the Power-Sourceness of you.

That energy called e-motion is so extraordinary, containing more power than all of the atomic energy upon your plane. Now your thoughts also go out in electromagnetic waves, so to speak. Your thoughts do not even exist in your mind. Really, they do not. We know that that is how you have been raised to think, that when you think, the thoughts are in your head and belong to nobody else.

Wrong. The thoughts do not exist in your head. Your thoughts are electro-magnetic waves that go forth into the Universe. Those thoughts may indeed be attached by that electro-magnetic energy called e-motion because that indeed is the power sourceness of you.

Your beliefs and your ideas about reality, attached by the e-motions that these thoughts engender, bring forth to you that which is termed “like energy.” So what you create in your life is a reflection of who you think you are because nothing exists in your life that is not simply a reflection to you.

Until you can come to the joy and fulfillment of this life, loving your exquisite planet, healing the anguished heart, aligning the fears that keep you imprisoned, living in the excitement and fullness of each moment without a past or future, this dimension is all you can know, there is no escape. That is the dichotomy: As you live in the joy and harmony of this life experience without desiring any other, you automatically create the space to experience the expanded reality called fourth density, called Ascension, called Oneness.

Change the Way you Think, what you Believe and Change Your Life

We are such interesting creatures, we hold on to our doubts and fears, we resent what we feel are our limitations. We make what we feel life is and isn’t a truth to live by, when in reality, we are a product of love, with the power and ability to create anything that we can imagine. As a \human we we create doubts, fears and limitations as a challenge to over come, when ever we decide to do so and then we choose to believe that we have no choice and can’t do it. We feel that what we are is problematic and we need to get help from someone else, to fix something that isn’t broken, to help us change what’s wrong about us, when there isn’t anything wrong. Existence, God, doesn’t make mistakes, we are perfectly imperfect, there is nothing wrong with any of us and we can’t be wrong or do wrong, free will is free will, the worst we can do is Silly and Stupid. We live down to what we believe we are, if you choose to change your beliefs and do, you will change your life. Changing what you believe can be a difficult task or can be quite easy, once you understand how, when and why you created it, and then reprogram it, it becomes simple and easy to accomplish. Our class that starts Monday, July 27 will show the way, teach you the Tools you can use to change your life to what you want it to be and didn’t believe that you could. In class we teach you how to talk to your cellular memories and help you to understand how you can change yourself and become more of who you really are.

Give us a call. 26651231 / 9822009313

We are much more than we think we are

We are all doing the best that we can at all times, if we could do better we would  have.We all came here with the ability to accomplish our Spiritual Challenges any time we believe that we can. We all created doubts, fears and limitations as our challenge of self acceptance, we love our challenges and chose the ones we have, to see how long we will take to over come them and find their value. We all have unlimited power and ability to transform our doubts and fears into trust and faith any time we decide to do so. We are only limited by our self created belief system, this is our challenge, to transform our accepted limitations into productive potential, with conscious awareness and positive choice. The problem with doing that is that most of what we would like to change is in our subconscious mind and we need to become conscious of them and find out when these limiting beliefs were created and established, before we can remove them. All changes are made with present time understanding and focused intention. The work that we do in sessions and classes does exactly that, with biofeedback from the body, the ages of cause, when we created our doubts, fears and limitations, are identified and the subconscious belief system created at that time, is re-programmed to be a support and protective system, instead of a denial of ability. By taking advantage of biofeedback from the body,Getting better is then accomplished, simply easily and instead of taking a lot of effort and time, we can  change unknown problems into productive ability and what ever we may now be  doing in our life, our ability to do it will be effectively improved. If you are in Pune, why not  give yourself a gift of self love and take this class. I guarantee that you will make several major changes in your life, that you may have working on and not completed to your satisfaction.

For registration and  information.  0209822009313 or 26651231

Metaphysical Life Coaching Clarified

All stress, all doubts, fears and limitations are a product of the subconscious programming of our mind, our belief system. We developed our subconscious belief system. to protect us from Pain, Fear and Fear of more Pain to come, before we were 7 years old, it’s a survival system. Under stress, in present time, we automatically activate our belief system, our survival mechanism, and repeat what we felt was necessary when we were a child, in present time. In our Metaphysical Life Coaching approach, we use Biofeedback, using the science of Kinesiology, to talk to the cellular memories of your body, that contain the truth of every experience we have had, in this and every life we have lived, it’s all there and access-able through precision muscle testing. So this is what we do with our version of Metaphysical Life Coaching, we Focus on, Clarify and Defuse any Limitation that nay Interfere with your Ability to Accomplish your Essential Purpose in this Life. During this class you will learn how to use Biofeedback and will give and receive four sessions with a class mate, age recessing to the four basic times of your life when you felt threatened and developed survival reactions, that are still your limiting factors, under stress and de-stressing them, then reprogramming them. Once you learn how to use biofeedback efficiently, you can work with other people and help to facilitate their ability to make major changes in their lives.
For information and class registration   26651231/9822009313

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