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I’ve been laying the foundation for The Game of Life, what it is, how we create each life time to offer us the kind of Spiritual Challenge we want to play with, each time choose to come to this world to play the Human Game. We never choose a life we didn’t want as our unique challenge of awareness, no matter how difficult it may be. We never choose a life and the problems that life offers us, that we couldn’t find the value of and transform into conscious understanding and then create an expression of increased light, because of what we’ve learned. We arrive on earth, with unlimited power to accomplish our earthly goals and to support each adventure. Our goals are as easy or as difficult to learn the value of, as we believe that they are. We choose each life with Trust, Faith and Enthusiasm, because we know that this life on earth,can be as valuable to this changing world as we are able to add our light of awareness to it. We are excited about each earthly challenge that we embark upon, knowing that we can be as valuable, as we are able to become, by our efforts. We believe that we can and will be an example of how to transform negative energy into positive energy for others to learn from and be inspired by. Then when we are conceived we forget the whole thing. and we become dependent on and a victim to our feelings. This is a feeling world and we feel afraid and insecure. Welcome to The Game of LIfe. I’m going to share a basic Metaphysical Life Coaching Training for all of you, that may be sincere, about making major changes in your life, using the next 10 or 11 posts. It will take a commitment from those of you that are interested enough, to do the home work, that is required to change old beliefs into new insights.The degree of change is really up to each of you. The first requirement is to reread the last 8 posts I’ve shared with you, to prepare your mind and your heart for what we are going to do. In depth problems may take more personal attention than these coming posts, but essentially, what I’m going to share, should make your life easier and simpler. Please ask me questions along the way if you feel it would help.

Akashic Inheritance
From Kryon Live Channel, “The Recalibration of The Crystalline Grid”
August 2012 in Portland, ME

When you are born, your spiritual instincts are driven by your Akashic inheritance [instinctual remembrance of what you have learned]. You know God is inside; you know that help is there; you know intuitively of your seed biology and the love of those who seeded you. All of those things are inbred in you, and it creates a Human Being who can do what no other Human Being can do at this point in time—change this planet!

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

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