Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Every cell of our body has total recall and remembers everything we have done in every life that we have lived and can be contacted and communicated with using kinesiology. The body knows the truth of what we did and knows what we need to do to transform any doubts and fears that may still be in need of present time awareness for our spiritual progress in this life. Energy follows intention and our intention for choosing to be a human on earth, is to find the value of everything. Experience is our true teacher and when we don’t find the value of something, it becomes a lesson unlearned and remains as unfinished business, for future lives.
These are the experiences from past lives that we select as our spiritual challenges in this life. We want another opportunity to value of those experiences this time, we are doing then again and again, until we find their value. This is the essential basis for Karmic recall. Seeing is relieving. Now that we are involved in being a part of the transformation of our world, it is important for us to improve our conscious awareness, so we can be of more assistance to the progress of this changing world. When we choose to change our energy and improve our life, we add more light to this changing world. Good for us, with the use of scientific kinesiology and the wisdom of people like Bruce Lipton, change is simple, easy and self rewarding.
This is whats going on:We are entering an expanding evolutionary era so it is time for us to roll up our sleeves, take a deep breath, and help to facilitate the most important crossing of a threshold for humanity in recorded history.
Sometimes it appears that all is the same with the existing global systems still in place. However, when you read between the lines and with your hearts, you realize that changes are occurring at a deep level reaching into the core structure of the Earth and within each of us. The old ways are failing heralding the promise of a new divine blueprint. This new blueprint is awakening in more and more people every day.
We are becoming galactic humans. Keeping our eyes on the “big picture” helps us all navigate the chaos as the old power structure is being dismantled. Remember, out of chaos comes divine order.

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