Life Coach, MetaPhysician

The Game of Life begins

The Game of Life begins in the womb, in the womb, we begin to create our Spiritual Challenge of self doubt and personal limitations to play with. In the womb, for nine months, mamma and us are one person, what she thinks and feels is our first introduction to this world that we are going to be a part of and we use her feelings to create our doubts, fears and self challenges. We are getting an idea of what the world will be like and our self worth from her feelings. If you would like a scientific evaluation of what happens in the womb, please read Bruce Lipton’s The Honeymoon Effect. Our belief system is developed by us from conception to around 7 years of age, in reaction to how we reacted to others emotional expressions, we created our belief system to protect us from pain, fear and fear of more pain to come, this is a reactive function, we don’t have the ability to reason until we are 7 years old. By the time we are 7 years old our belief system has been established and in present time we will automatically react from our childhoods protective beliefs. When we change our limiting beliefs, we change our life, What we have created, only we can change, This can be a very difficult thing to do because our belief system is automatically protecting us when we are experiencing stress. With the use of bio-feedback from the body we can identify the age of cause, when we created a protecting a limiting belief, and re-program it to be constructive instead of destructive. With the assistance of a trained facilitator this can be accomplished simply, easily and effectively. We’ve been doing this in India and other countries for over 25 years with wonderful success, check our web site,

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