Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Now that we have decided what kind of a spiritual challenge we have planned for this life, how do we make sure that we will get these problems to play with? that’s a lot of specifics to attract. We wait patiently for available parents that have some of these problems and then we can download their problems and make then ours. We choose our parents. When we do that and we solve their problems, that are now our problems too, we have solved the problem in them as well, this is a gift of love from us to them, for being our connection to this life on earth. In each life we choose the parts of their DNA that we wish to use to create the person that will fulfill our intended purpose, that will support our particular Game of Life. We are what we wanted to be, what we are, just as we are, so we can learn how to deal with the challenges we wanted to find the value of this time. We are our own creator, no matter how difficult our life may be, it’s our chosen challenge. We never create a life we can’t handle, any time we decide to choose to see life as an opportunity for conscious awareness, a means of learning how to transform the darkness of the fear and confusion of darkness, into the light of awareness and understanding. That’s the Game of Life a spiritual challenge to find the value of all of creation and be Grateful for each challenge that we receive and our ability to recognize the value of each experience. From the spiritual point of view, ‘It’s all Entertainment.”

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