Life Coach, MetaPhysician

In between lives, we choose, to look at all of the other lives that we’ve lived and we then chose to re-program the probability of being able to re-experience these experiences, we didn’t find the value of them before , perhaps we will in this next life.  We want to have another opportunity, to see if we are ready to learn the value of our choices this time. We create possibilities of specific difficulties as our Spiritual Challenge, to make sure that we have specific problems to play with. We love a life of challenge. We never create anything we didn’t wish to attract, or that we didn’t want as a challenge and we never create/ attract, any experiences that we can’t handle and find the value of. Existence doesn’t create anything that doesn’t have value and our purpose is to recognize it. If and when we do see the value of our experiences, our inner light shines brighter, lesson is learned, karma is completed, and we get stronger and wiser as a result. When we understand that we can transform any experience into conscious awareness and we choose to welcome our experiences and be grateful for them and for what we have learned from them, we are doing what we came here to do, lighten up and have a good time playing this wonderful Game of Life. We came here with 100% power and ability to be a conscious and responsible player and we forgot, it’s time to re-member, to become a conscious member again and have a good time playing at being the human you chose to be, with clear vision and awareness. Free Will means Choice and even No Choice is a Choice. Why not choose to have a good time and enjoy your life? The choice is always yours.

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