Life Coach, MetaPhysician

Your true value

Even when we consider that we choose to be born so we could be an active player in the transformation of this world into a 5th Dimension, our conscious Awareness begins to work at a higher level, we’ve opened the door to new thoughts and ideas. We begin to be attracted to information that is supportive to making positive change. Our spiritual purpose is to recognize the value of creation and it really begins when we recognize the true value of our friend in the mirror. Until we choose to do so, we live in a world of negative judgment, until we understand and accept the positive value of ourselves, it is difficult to find the value of anything, We judge the world and everything in it the way we judge ourselves, when we are O.K. just as we are, then so is everything and everyone else. Every time we look for and find the value of our life and our experiences, our inner light increases and we’ve done what we choose to come here to do, add positive energy to a transforming world.  More tomorrow.

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