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I am so grateful for the work that I do, every time I’m in a session and get to see how simple it can be for us to ask our cellular memories for conscious awareness of when and why how we created our limitations and then to receive  our body’s  guidance that will tell us what we need to do, to regain our power and change our life, is a delight to be a part of. I have the best job there is, all I do is help people to change their doubts, fears and accepted limitations into trust, faith and positive ability by helping them to talk to their body, through the art and science of biofeedback, they discover how they can heal  themselves, the body knows everything, we just need to talk to it and ask for direction.Especially now when our power is being elevated and its vibration is being raised daily. The abundance of health, wealth and conscious is ours for the creating,but it takes work and determination. The body has the answers, but it’s totally up to us to find out what we need to do to get it and then work at it until we convince our selves that we mean it. Life is an energy game, we just need to be better players, it’s our game, our movie and it’s up to us. If you want to know what to do, ask your body, it knows and you can use someone like me to help you get the answers you are looking for.

Here is Hilarion’s weekly inspiration to encourage your getting more involved.


by Marlene Swetlishoff ~ June 21-28, 2015

Beloved Ones,

Each of you is coming closer to a stronger connection with your divine essence and this will help you feel more stable than has been evident in the past several months. This process is opening new doors of perception which will help you to move forward once again. There is ever the ebb and flow in the energetic waves that move through your personal and planetary cycles. As you become aware of these and how they affect you, you align with their influences and act accordingly. As you do this, life becomes more harmonious and pleasant. The people around you are more responsive to you and show you their appreciation and love. When you are in tune with your personal energy cycles, life becomes an ever expanding adventure of new experience. This new state of being requires its recipient to be willing to go beyond their established comfort zones and take the steps necessary into new directions.

It takes courage and bravery to move past one’s former patterns of limitation and to begin taking action to forge a new path as one leaves behind all that one experienced in their lives, to make a start in the new beginning that beckons them forward. Allow the self doubt and indecision to dissipate as to the right path you must follow; it will unfold in its own divine timing. It is difficult, we know, to focus on just one thing, as your senses are assailed by creative thoughts and ideas. Spend time in the outdoors, sitting quietly and experiencing the sights and sounds that array your senses. This helps to ground your energies and keep you aligned to your divine essence. The next step will be made clear to you through this activity of keeping things simple. Know that there are many loving, supportive, and nurturing energy beings constantly surrounding you. All is in the process of the unfolding story of your personal and collective lives.

We find that many of you are now experiencing the return of the energetic flow through your human operating system. For many of you, this was a missing ingredient that felt like a disconnection from source energy. This process was necessary in order to give you the time needed to absorb, assimilate and integrate the new downloads of information and activations that are being sent on waves of love. This process is ongoing, sometimes it comes as great energy flow and at other times, as a time of rest. Life is a continuous cycle with valleys and peaks and there is always motion, even when you don’t feel it. Follow the signs your physical body gives you, for these are important to listen to for your continued health and well being on all levels of interplay.

You are going through a rebirth and your body, mind and spirit are being brought into alignment and connection so that you can manifest a greater reality than you have previously known. You are in a process of regeneration and transformation that offers you an opportunity to express yourselves in new ways. Seize these moments as they manifest in your lives for they bring to the surface new treasures from your soul. It is always up to you to choose how you grow, move forward and expand in your conscious awareness and evolvement; there is no one else who can do it for you. When you commit to taking a new direction, what you need to manifest it will be drawn to you.

Experience the joy and fulfillment that comes with creation and expect the unexpected – for your life can take a new turn miraculously. In your new beginning, you are reaching a new level of understanding which is helping you to reach new dimensions within. By following your inner wisdom and listening to your inner guidance, you will achieve success in all of your endeavours. All that is required is your active involvement and that is the key that unlocks your great potential.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion

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