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The more we choose to feel good, the more we are rewarded with things to feel good about. The Law of Attraction, Cause and effect is our ‘Pay attention Meter’ It returns to us what we do when we Think,Speak, Feel and respond or react to our experiences. This gives us an opportunity to realize that the more we choose to be positive with our energy, the more we get positive rewards. We are much stronger than most of us realize and what we do with our energy today, creates our tomorrow. We are actually Light Workers, who came to earth at this time to add more of our Light to the transformation of this planet, into a higher dimension. We, are responsible for how easy or how difficult this transformation develops. When we are feeling good our light glows brightly, When we choose to be reactive, when we have doubts and fears then we feel badly, we are then adding negative energy and supporting the increase of darkness, confusion and slowing down the progress we desire in ourselves and in the world, it feels bad. We are given the way to increase our light in a simple and instantly effective manner,we just need to use it more and more, when we realize that we are being careless with our reactions to experience or anything,when we are reacting with our limiting habits, we can take charge of our use of our energy by repeating over and over, ‘I DON’T DO THAT ANY MORE!, I AM FEELING GOOD!’. This is magic, as those of us who are using it consciously are experiencing the results, consequently we choose to Feel Good more and more, it really works and feels great.
Here is a little inspiration for us to help us remember why we are here.

Message from the Galactic Federation

from Lynne Newman

“Beloved souls, did you know that you volunteered, and were chosen to be here on Earth at this precise time in history, in order to assist with the great transformation that is happening now?

We come this night, in deep reflection of what you call the mysteries of life, as we assist you in the unveiling of illusion, that you might all be free to live in the beauty of truth. We witness the courage, daily, as you travel the path of your souls, questioning, seeking, learning the new, and letting go of the old. We witness the pain, despair, fury and utter agony of the spiritual journey, and yet, deep within these, we witness the exquisite beauty of your soul’s determination to know of hope, gratitude, forgiveness, faith, willingness and release!

Each of you has experienced all of these, and so much more in this life and countless others. These are precious gifts of the soul living the human experience! Oh, beloved ones, we stand in awe at the splendor and beauty of the gifts you give to the universe as you open and expand with each experience.

Your souls cry out for relief, and we respond to your cries, leading you on, showing you the way to what is next on the path you’ve painstakingly chosen before coming into this incarnation. May your hearts lead you to depth of understanding yourself and others, the universe at large, and of those of us who hail from other dimensions, and have joined forces with you for the highest good and the advancement of this universe we all call home. May the once mysterious, make total sense to you as the the vibration raises, creating the world you only were able to envision in days gone by.

May you, and those who follow, reap the joy and peace your dedication and hard work is now creating. May you know that you are love, and may all the masks that hide the love that you are fall away forevermore, as you come together as one!

We are One Voice~One Heart! Many blessings…and so much love.

Received by
Lynne Newman

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